Vibrations of Consciousness

Original Handpan Compositions by Seth Christman



Seth Christman is a master handpan musician and percussionist with over ten years of experience, and well over 10,000 hours of playing. Influences come from a full spectrum of music ranging from ambient to black metal and everywhere in between.  Seth is all self taught, meaning he has received no lessons when learning how to play, resulting in a very unique style. His background is metal, and was previously the drummer for DC metal band "Silence The Requiem"


     Vibrations of Consciousness is a musical project created by Seth Christman for sound healing, encouraging meditation, and spreading love, light, awareness, and truth through music. Music is a very sacred, and very powerful medicine. 



What is a handpan?

The handpan is an instrument that was created in the year 2000 by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer out of Bern, Switzerland. The first handpan was called a Hang (pronounced "Hong") from Felix and Sabina's company "Panart". Basically, they're steel pan enthusiasts, and someone in India suggested they should make a steel pan you can play with your hands. Since then, the world has been trying desperately to make these extremely complicated instruments. There aren't many handpan makers in the world, and most of them have a waiting list of at least 2 years. Some makers have moved on to develop the instrument instead of selling the handpan to people.  I play a Saraz in D minor mostly. The Saraz is based out of Asheville, NC. It was created by Mark Garner, who traveled the world to meet the different makers and learn how to make handpans. He made 20 prototypes to get the sound just right before he would begin selling them. Mark is a perfectionist, and because of that, he is responsible for making some of the highest quality handpans in the world. Now there is a whole Saraz team, and everyone involved has an important part in crafting these beautiful pieces of steel. You can find their website at

Some people get upset when you call it a drum. This is because the original makers like it being called a "meditative device" It's a handpan, a drum, a meditative device, a piece of art, a sound sculpture. You decide!

Radio Interview, kpsu wild world beats, May 26th, 2016

Please give about 5-10 seconds for the track to begin playing