Vibrations of Consciousness

Original Handpan Compositions by Seth Christman


Released Jun,2017
Vibrations of Consciousness invites you to take a journey into the depths of nowhere deep inside your own mind. This is a 45 minute meditation single with no breaks in between. Close your eyes, ground yourself, and dig deep inside your mind to discover more about yourself, or clear your mind and lose yourself in meditation. You have the power to change the world for the better. It starts with you.
I would like to extend my greatest form of gratitude to my amazing friend Scro for the ball point pen art you see on the cover.
I want to thank Shady Pines Media in Portland, OR for the Studio recording and short video. Thank you Saraz!
And of course, I would like to thank YOU for being here supporting


Released June, 2016
Prelude is a full length self recorded EP featuring 3 different handpans, 3 guest musicians, and over 50 minutes of all original handpan music.
I would like to thank Alex Loder, Nathaniel Schrier, and Joe Schweitzer for their excellent musical contributions to "Prelude" Thank you, Saffire for graciously sharing his time and instruments for 3 of the tracks for "Prelude" Thank YOU for being here supportingI Thank you Dusty Rocks with Avant Mining for making the cover image possible. And lastly, thank you Saraz,  Symphonic Steel, and Rav


Jam Sessions

Released August,2015
Jam sessions is a 6 track compilation of improvisation on a Saraz Handpan by Seth Christman. This is the debut release. The first 3 songs were recorded in Virginia. The last 3 were recorded in Georgia.